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    Dynarex Flushable Adult Wipes

    Flush Away Flushable Adult Wipes by Dynarex are designed to gently clean and protect skin as a routine part of patient care. Flush Away Adult Wipes also represent a breakthrough in pre-moistened personal washcloths for incontinence care combining patient comfort and caregiver convenience. Not only are Dynarex Flushable Wipes alcohol free, hypoallergenic and pH balanced they are also fully dispersible, which means they are safe for septic and public sewer systems.

    The pre-moistened, cleansing formula in Flush Away Adult Wipes is gentle and infused with aloe vera that soothes and freshens the skin while reducing irritation and rashes.

    Dynarex Flushable Adult Wipes - Flushable, Dispersible, and Biodegradable

    Standard adult wipes are "flushable' only because they are small enough to flow out of the bowl, not because they will break up and disperse in their travel down the pipes. Dynarex Flush Away Adult Wipes are truly flushable because they are fully dispersible and will break down into fibers as move through the sewer pipes. They will not clog drains and are safe for septic and sewer systems. Additionally, Flush Away Adult Wipes are made from 98% biodegradable fibers ensuring the wipes will decompose.

    Dynarex Flushable Adult Wipe Features

    • Flushable and Dispersible
    • Biodegradable
    • Hypoallergenic
    • pH Balanced
    • Aloe Vera
    • Latex Free
    • Alcohol Free
    • 9" x 13" Washcloth Size
    • Tub or Soft Pack
    13219"X13" Washcloths 60/Tub
    13229"X13" Washcloths 24/Soft Pack