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    Janibell Akord Disposable Refills

           Janibell Akord Disposable Refills for the Akord Discreet Disposable System.  Akord refills are actually one long continuous liner, which means you can empty your pail as often as you need to, or wait until it is completely full. Akord refills allow you to dispose of the contents of the pail without exposure to or handling of the contents. The continuous refill system allows you to create the next replacement bag in one easy step and puts you in control of how much refill you use. Simply cut the refill with the door mounted cutter and tie a new knot in the liner. Tough on Odor the refills are made from a strong, stretch resistant, film and are powder-scented for extra tough odor protection. Eco-Friendly Akord refills are made of at least 20% recycled materials, a mixture of post consumer and commercial. Akord Refills come in two sizes depending on the size of your pail: 

    Choose the 2803RB to fit the discontinued Large Akord Pail or the 3803RB to fit the Janibell 11 Gallon Pail (formally the Akord XL Pail). 

    Installing Akord Refills

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