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    AquaClear Latex-Free Gel Sheet Dressing

    AquaClear and AquaClear Adhesive are transparent, hydrocellular gel dressings made of absorbent polyurethane polymers covered with a semi-permeable polyurethane film to prevent water and micro-organism contamination. The three-dimensional gel composition of AquaClear has a water content of 60%. AquaClear maintains a moist wound environment to promote the formation of new tissue during the granulation phase. This is achieved with little risk of wound exudate accumulation, even during prolonged application. Granulation tissue is prevented from drying out. During the epithelialization phase, the moist environment created by AquaClear enhances the division and migration of epithelial cells.  AquaClear Adhesive has an adhesive film border to ensure that it stays secure and additionally prevents bacterial penetration. Daily hygiene is simplified with this waterproof surface.

    AquaClear Features

    • Latex-free, sterile, individually sealed  
    • Maintains a moist environment for treating chronic wounds
    • Will not stick to the wound and may be changed without damaging new tissue
    • Transparency and Wound Measuring Grid allows the wound to be monitored
    • Will not be dissolved by absorbed wound exudates
    • Can be removed from the wound in one piece without residue

    AquaClear ordering information

    Product CodeSize Per Box HCPCS 
    900795 2” x 3” 5 A6242
    900796 4” x 4” 5 A6242

    AquaClear Comfort Adhesive ordering information

    Product CodeSize Per Box HCPCS 
    900797 3” x 4” 5 A6245
    900798 5” x 5” 5 A6245