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    Attends Breathable Briefs

    Attends Breathable Briefs are an everyday, unisex choice that offer both ambulatory and sedentary individuals a tailored fit in a full-coverage product. Attends Breathable Briefs are the perfect choice when reliable containment of urinary or fecal incontinence is required. Attends Breathable Briefs offer the additional benefit of breathability for enhanced skin care, which is important particularly in cases where the user has delicate skin or reduced mobility.

    Attends Breathable Briefs contain super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for more absorbency. Attends Breathable Briefs Triple-Tier Moisture Locking System (cellulose fibers, micro-porous acquisition layer, super absorbent polymer) provide exponential improvements in absorbency while promoting skin health and managing odor.

    Attends Breathable Briefs are designed from comfort and secure protection. The Air-comfort breathable side panels allow air circulation and promote healthy skin. Breathable Briefs have a soft, cloth-like inner liner and outer covering for comfort, discretion and skin wellness. Breathable Briefs have leg gathers for a better fit and to help prevent leakage. Attends Breathable Briefs have four Comfort-Flex tabs that easily attach anywhere on the outer layer for a secure fit that is adjustable without tearing the brief.

    Attends Breathable Brief Features

    • Triple-Tier Moisture Locking System
    • Super Absorbent Polymers
    • Breathable Side Panels
    • Soft, Cloth-Like Liner
    • Comfort Flex-Tabs
    • Leg Gathers
    • Heavy to Severe Incontinence Protection

    Attends Breathable Briefs Sizing

    Available Sizes

    Attends Breathable Medium     32" - 44" BRB20 96 4 bags of 24
    Attends Breathable Regular
    44" - 56"
    3 bags of 24
    Attends Breathable Large 44" - 58" BRB30 72 3 bags of 24
    Attends Breathable X-Large
    58" - 63"
    BRB40 60
    3 bags of 20
    Attends Breathable XX-Large
    63" - 70"
    48 4 bags of 12