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    Boost Glucose Control

    Boost Glucose Control is a great tasting healthy snack specifically formulated for people with diabetes that has been clinically shown to help manage blood glucose levels. One Boost Glucose Control is a great anytime snack for a healthy, active lifestyle. Busy schedules make healthy eating difficult. Boost Glucose Control can help. Boost Glucose Control is consistent with ADA Guidelines. In a clinical study with individuals with type 2 diabetes, Boost Glucose Control Drinks produced a blood glucose peak within the American Diabetes Association guideline.  ADA recommends a peak glucose level after eating to be less than 180 mg/dL. Snacks are usually not intended to be equal to the amount of food or calories in a meal. Boost Glucose Control has only 190 calories in an 8 oz serving which makes it a smart choice. There are 8 ounces of Boost Glucose Control per serving and 27 servings per case.
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    • Creamy Strawberry