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    Co-Lastic LF Cohesive Bandages 

    Co-Lastic is a latex-free elastic bandage that offers a high level of cohesiveness, protection, compression and support. Unique non-slip fabric Quality latex-free coating with high level cohesiveness compared to leading competitors. Water resistant, lightweight and air permeable. Folded starting edge and hand-tears to desired length Co-Lastic conforms to difficult-to-bandage areas and provides controlled and consistent compression without constriction.

    Co-Lastic LF Cohesive Bandages Benefits 

    • Comfortable to wear and ideal for delicate or traumatized skin
    • Quick and easy application
    • Remains securely in place
    • Co-Lastic bandages adheres to itself, never to skin or hair, without pins, clips or tape. 

    Co-Lastic ordering information

    Product CodeSize Per Box HCPCS 
    45120000 1” x 5 yards 30 A6453
    45150000 1.5” x 5 yards 48 A6453
    45200000 2” x 5 yards 36 A6453
    45300000 3” x 5 yards 24 A6454
    45400000 4” x 5 yards 18 A6454
    45600000  6” x 5 yards 12 A6455