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No Skid Hard Sole Slippers
Retail: $4.50
Price: $4.00
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Item #: DYN2170 -

    Non Skid Hard Sole latex-free slippers ideal for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing and retirement homes. Non-skid rubber sole provides firm grip to prevent accidental falls. Non Skid Hard Sole slippers are soft, stretchable construction available in low-top design. Lightweight, soft cotton knit provides optimal warmth and comfort. Elastic band helps ensure a snug fit. Sold by the pair in 4 different sizes.

    Antifungal Cream 1233
    Retail: $7.65
    Price: $6.00
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: DYN1233 -

      Dynarex Antifungal Cream with 1% Clotrimazole USP is used to treat athlete's foot, jock itch, vaginal yeast infections and fungal infections of the fingers and toes.

      Suction Tubing
      Retail: $1.17
      Price: $1.00
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      Item #: DYN4682 -

        Non-conductive, latex-free, durable and flexible suction tubing with straw connector. Used for connecting suction sources to suction catheters and yankauers 3/16" x 6'.

        Sterile Stretch Gauze Bandages
        Retail: $27.00
        Price: $24.00-$32.00
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: DYN3112 -

          Sterile Stretch Gauze Bandages with a unique knit construction offers proper compression without constriction. Self adhering stays in place with minimal taping. Sterile stretch gauze conforms to difficult body contours. Sterile stretch gauze comes in four widths and is 4.1 yards stretched. Packed in convenient, sturdy dispenser boxes. Individually wrapped/sterile.

          DynaShield Dimethicone Ointment
          Price: $6.00
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: DYN1199 -

            Dynashield with Dimethicone Skin Protectant A zinc oxide based skin protectant used for the effective treatment and prevention of diaper rash. Dimethicone helps skin retain moisture, reducing dryness, flaking and cracking. Promotes the development of healthy skin. 1196 4 ounce

            Dynarex Irrigation Tray w/60cc Piston syringe
            Retail: $2.55
            Price: $2.00
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: DYN4268 -

              Alcohol Swabsticks 3s
              Price: $10.00
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: DYN1204 -

                Each swabstick is saturated with 70% alcohol. Convenient and clean application. 25 packs of 3 per box.

                Isolation Gown Poly-Coated Barrier
                Retail: $60.71
                Price: $38.00
                Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock
                Item #: DYN2149 -

                  White Disposable Coveralls, One size fits all. 25 per box, 5 boxes/case.

                  Flavored Oral Swabsticks
                  Price: $35.00
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: DYN1217 -

                    Flavored Oral SwabsticksToothette Swabs with Dentifrice, Individually Wrapped, Box of 250 SwabsGently cleans, moistens and refreshes mouth, teeth and gumsRaised foam ridges remove particles and mucous for enhanced oral hygieneIndividually wrappedKosher

                    White Petrolatum
                    Price: $1.44-$11.55
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Item #: DYN1145 -

                      Dynarex White Petrolatum treats and prevents diaper rash. Seals out wetness.

                      Shoe Covers
                      Retail: $30.33
                      Price: $24.00-$33.00
                      Availability: Short Wait
                      Item #: DYN2132 -

                        Manufactured of spunbonded polypropylene. Sewn seams, not glued - offers greater strength. Elastic opening provides a snug comfortable fit. Non-skid shoe covers offer improved floor traction. Latex free.

                        Yankauer Suction Handle
                        Retail: $0.90
                        Price: $0.75
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Item #: DYN4690 -

                          Yankauer Suction Handles are a sterile suction tool for removing particulates and viscous material. The bulb tip minimizes tissue trauma. Ribbed connector for secure attachment to suction tubing. Yankauer Suction Handles are made of a blue-tinted, transparent material with slip-resistant handle, smooth inner surface for maximum flow. Choose between vented and non-vented models. latex free

                          2000ml Drain Bag
                          Price: $3.50
                          Availability: In Stock
                          Item #: DYN4271 -

                            N-95 Particulate Respirator Masks
                            Retail: $34.60
                            Price: $22.00
                            Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock
                            Item #: DYN2295 -

                              N-95 Particulate Respirator Masks - 20/bx N-95 Particulate Respirators meets cdc guidlines for TB exposure in healthcare settings. Fluid Resistant. Packed 20 per box.

                              Plain Sterile Packing Strips
                              Retail: $38.48
                              Price: $30.00-$38.00
                              Availability: In Stock
                              Item #: DYN-340X -

                                Ideal for use as nasal packing, drainage wicks, or for packing wounds. Specially woven gauze will not ravel, lint or fray

                                Nail Polish Remover Pads
                                Price: $9.00
                                Availability: In Stock
                                Item #: DYN1501 -

                                  Nail Polish Remover Pads 100 individual pads per box

                                  Isolation Gown Poly-Coated Barrier
                                  Retail: $48.24
                                  Price: $40.00
                                  Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock
                                  Item #: DYN2145 -

                                    Isolation Gown Poly-Coated Barrie - 50/Cs White impervious isolation gowns. 50 unisize gowns per case.

                                    Instant Hot Packs
                                    Retail: $23.00
                                    Price: $18.00
                                    Availability: In Stock
                                    Item #: DYN4516 -

                                      Instant hot packs provide fast soothing warmth. A double squeeze from the outside edges toward the center allows for easy activation of packs, offering immediate relief to injured area. Dynarex Instant Hot Packs are 5"x9". sold in cases of 24.

                                      Cloth Surgical Tape
                                      Retail: $17.01
                                      Price: $10.00
                                      Availability: In Stock
                                      Item #: DYN3561 -

                                        Ideal hypoallergenic tape for strapping or general dressing use. Constructed with rayon acetate for strength. Available in ten-yard rolls.

                                        Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
                                        Retail: $74.99
                                        Price: $61.78
                                        Availability: In Stock
                                        Item #: DYN7088 -

                                          Digital Fingertip Pulse OximeterUnbeatable accuracy - clinically testedDrop tested durable and moisture proofPerfect spot checks or continuous readingsSimple one button operationChecks heart rateMonitors respiratory functionCalculates how much oxygen is carried in your bloodMonitors of the saturation of a patient's hemoglobinConvenient noninvasive measurement methodCan detect hypoxiaMonitors a patient's oxygenation and pulse rates when undergoing surgical procedure1 year warranty (registration...

                                          Adhesive Remover & Protective Barrier Wipes
                                          Retail: $5.25
                                          Price: $5.00-$6.25
                                          Availability: In Stock
                                          Item #: DYN1505 -

                                            Dynarex Adhesive Remover Wipes aids in the removal of adhesive tapes, leaves the skin free of tape residue and non-irritating, reduces patient discomfort. Dyarex Adhesive Remover Wipes have 100 wipes per box. Skincote Protective Barrier Wipes provides skin protection from irritations caused by adhesives, appliances, T.E.N.S. electrodes, external catheters. Apply to skin with pre-moistened applicator and it creates a protective coating on skin. When dry, apply bandage or appliance. Aids in...

                                            Sterile Lubricating Jelly 4oz
                                            Retail: $5.10
                                            Price: $3.50-$9.00
                                            Availability: In Stock
                                            Item #: DYN1250 -

                                              DynaLube Lubricating Jelly is intended for medical purposes to lubricate body orifices and facilitate entry of diagnostic or therapeutic devices. Dynalube can be used for lubricating catheters for insertion as well. Provides lubrication for hinged instruments and therefore facilitates smooth articulation of delicate instruments and sliding surfaces. Enhances and protects the internal parts of the handpiece. Eliminates spotting and streaking, ensuring water sheets off instruments, leaving them...

                                              Dual Head Stethoscope
                                              Retail: $5.80
                                              Price: $4.00
                                              Availability: In Stock
                                              Item #: DYN7111 -

                                                Dual Head Stethoscope ideal for both adult and pediatric patients, getting around bandaged areas and carotid assessment. 22"_ latex-free PVC flexible tubing with adjustable binaural. Black only.

                                                Nurses Caps 21"
                                                Retail: $30.59
                                                Price: $24.00
                                                Availability: Discontinued
                                                Item #: DYN2101 -

                                                  21" Nurses caps made of lightweight, cool, comfortable material - soft elastic headband. 3 colors to choose from: White, Green or Blue