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    Dynarex Adhesive Remover Wipes aids in the removal of adhesive tapes, leaves the skin free of tape residue and non-irritating, reduces patient discomfort. Dyarex Adhesive Remover Wipes have 100 wipes per box.

    Skincote Protective Barrier Wipes provides skin protection from irritations caused by adhesives, appliances, T.E.N.S. electrodes, external catheters. Apply to skin with pre-moistened applicator and it creates a protective coating on skin. When dry, apply bandage or appliance. Aids in keeping skin free of irritation; adhesive or appliance adheres to Skincote dressing, not to skin. Does not have to be removed when changing bandage or appliance. Dynarex Skincote Protective Barrier Wipes have 50 wipes per box.
    Adhesive Remover Wipes
    100/ box
    Skincote Protective Barrier Wipes
    50/ box