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    Dynarex Disposable Dry Washcloths - Gentle Patient Care

          Dynarex Disposable Washcloths are a versatile disposable towel made from highly-absorbent airlaid cellulose material. Premium Dynarex Disposable Washcloths are ideal for patient care and can be used with any body wash or perineal cleansers. Disposable dry washcloths represent a viable, sanitary option for incontinence care that reduces laundering costs as well as a reduction in possible cross contamination and infection.

    Dynarex Disposable Dry Washcloths - General Cleaning Cloths

          Premium Dynarex Disposable Washcloths are also an excellent choice for general clean up in industrial or clinical settings. The strong airlaid material is super-absorbent and will hold up to even the toughest cleaning jobs.

    Dynarex Disposable Washcloth Features

    • Strong Airlaid Material
    • Non-Abrasive
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Lightly Scented
    • Quad-Fold for Easy Dispensing
    • Quad-Fold for Easy Dispensing
    • 12"_ x 13"_ Washcloth Size