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    Fitted Mattress Protectors

    Priva Fitted Mattress Protectors shield your mattress by forming a barrier against spills, sweat, incontinence episodes and staining. The vinyl barrier finish offers stain-free protection. The unique soft grooved cotton/polyester top surface provides added strength making in virtually un-rip-able while providing waterproof protection unlike any other vinyl barrier. The elasticized design on mattress protector helps keep it firmly in place but allows you to remove the cover as easy as removing a fitted sheet. Machine washable and bleach-able for years of service. Available in many sizes to fit most mattresses.

    Vinyl Mattress Protector Sizing - Depth of 9"

    Available Sizes

    Priva Number Pack 

    Twin   39” x 75” PVMP/T 1
    54” x 75” PVMP/F 1

    Queen 60” x 80” PVMP/Q 1

    King 78" x 80" PVMP/K 1