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    FourPress Bandage System


    bandages work together to provide effective, sustained compression for up to seven days when applied as directed. As the name implies you get 4 Bandages for safe and effective compression therapy for venous leg ulcers and related conditions. FourPress is easy to apply and secures without tape. Produces sub-bandage pressure at the ankle in the 30-40 mmHg range when the system is wrapped as indicated.

    FourPress Bandage Layers

    1. Padding Bandage is a comfortable non-woven layer that absorbs wound exudate and protects bony prominences 
    2. Crepe Bandage anchors and smooths padding layer while absorbing exudate
    3. Compression Bandage provides about one-half of the system's compression and conforms to body contour
    4. Cohesive Bandage adheres to itself and secures all layers in the bandaging system without tape

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