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    HydroTac Hydoactive Comfort Adhesive Wound Dressing 

    Providing a combination of absorption and moisture donation to help keep wounds in a balanced, moist environment to optimize healing efficiency.  HydroTac makes use of AquaClear technology to helps keep dry wounds moist so granulation and epithelialization progress.  A net-shaped hydrogel applied to the wound-contact side releases moisture to the wound as needed - counteracting the incidence of a wound drying out. This moist gel layer also prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound and allows for more comfortable removal - ideal for pain-sensitive patients. HydroTac Comfort adhesive uses Hydrofilm to hold the bandages in place. 

    HydroTac Protects Against Bacteria

    Excessive exudate absorbs quickly by HydroTac without drying the wound. This process is supported by a moisture and bacteria-proof film backing, that also helps ensure high moisture vapor permeability through which exudate is absorbed and evaporated. This film not only provides effective protection against bacteria, it ensures hygienic protection and all levels of exudate.

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