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    MoliCare Mobile Plus Protective Underwear

    MoliCare Mobile Plus Protective Underwear are ideal for active lifestyles and as a discreet solution for cases of moderate to severe urinary incontinence. They feature an innovative three-layer core for quick acquisition speed to disperse fluid away from the skin, high absorption capacity and fluid retention for superior dryness. MoliCare Mobile Plus utilize super absorbent polymer to bind and neutralize acidic and alkaline fluids, reducing unpleasant odor and maintain optimum skin health.

    A combination of a soft topsheet of flexible, trim-fit core and cloth-like waterproof outer barrier make MoliCare Mobile Plus Protective Underwear comfortable, lightweight, and discreet to wear while providing maximum incontinence protection. Wear them just like regular underwear, pull on and off, but when soiled the stretch side panels have tear-open side seams for easier clean up and convenience. Molicare Mobile Plus Underwear provide exceptional leak protection with soft, fluid-repellent inner leg cuffs and multi-strand elastic leg gathers. Plus, the stretchy, customized waistband provides a secure, comfortable fit with size and front/back identification.

    MoliCare Mobile Plus Protective Underwear are a premium disposable protective underwear for moderate to superior incontinence protection.

    MoliCare Mobile Plus Protective Underwear Features

    • Three-Layer Core
    • Super Absorbent Polymer
    • Trim-Fit Core
    • Odor Control
    • Soft Topsheet
    • Cloth-Like Waterproof Outer Layer
    • Tear-Open Side Seams
    • Fluid Repellent Inner Leg Cuffs
    • Multi-Strand Elastic Leg Gathers
    • Moderate to Super Absorbency

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