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    • Ultra Micro 28/pk
    • Micro Light 14/pk
    • Micro 14/pk
    • Mini 14/pk
    • Midi 14/pk
    • Maxi 14/pk

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    MoliMed Premium Contoured Pads

          MoliMed Premium Contoured Pads are anatomically shaped comfort pad with Dry-Plus fluid distribution layer and super absorbent especially designed for slight to moderate bladder control problems. The main beneficial feature of this pad is its practical compact shape which does not restrict freedom of movement.

          MoliMed Premium Contoured Pads are especially designed for use in cases of stress incontinence in women for example during or after pregnancy but is also ideal for use as a protection following vaginal surgery or as a comfortable, leak proof maternity pad.

    Molimed Pads Sizes and Absorbency Levels

    • Ultra Micro
    • Micro Light
    • Micro
    • Mini
    • Midi
    • Maxi

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    Measurement Quantity
    HRT168131 Ultra Micro 7" x 3"   28/pk
    HRT168132 Micro Light  8.5" x 4"  14/pk
    HRT168624 Micro  10.5" x 4"  14/pk
    HRT168634 Mini  10.5" x 5.5"  14/pk
     HRT168644 Midi  13" x 6.5"  14/pk
    HRT168654  Maxi  17.5" x 8"  14/pk