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    • Normal 24.5" x 11/11.5”
    • Plus 24.5" x 11/11.5”
    • Extra 27" x 12”
    • Super 27" x 12”

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    Moliform Premium Soft Liners

    MoliForm is an anatomically shaped pad for light to severe incontinence. They are often worn as a two piece system with MoliPants for a close fit. Moliform features a unique 3-layer absorbent core to keep skin comfortable and lock liquid away rapidly. They also feature a wetness indicator and are avilable in a variety of sizes that are color-coded according to their absorbency capabilities, making them a suitable option for all degrees of incontinence.

    MoliForm Sizing


    Number Sizing Bags/Case Pieces/Bag
    Normal16801924.5" x 11/11.5”
    Plus16821924.5" x 11/11.5”430
    Extra16831927" x 12"
    Super16891927" x 12"

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