Price: $130.00

    Oxivir Tb is a ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP) technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance. Oxivir Tb disinfects in 60 seconds. virucide, bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide and non-food contact sanitizer. Oxivir Tb also kills MRSA and Norovirus. Meets OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and body fluids.  Colorless with a characteristic scent.  The patented technology contains a high performance surfactant system that delivers faster and better cleaning results. No rinsing is required in most applications for improved productivity.  Oxivir Tb is packed with 12/32oz spray bottles per case.

    Based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology (AHP) Disinfects in 1 minute Tuberculocidal in 5 minutes Excellent surface safety HMIS ratings are all zeros Hospital grade disinfectant Kills MRSA ,VRE and Norovirus Disinfectant Claims (Contact Time) Fungicidal Fungicidal (10 min.) Hepatitis B (1 min.) Hepatitis C (1 min.) HIV (1 min.) Hospital Grade Influenza A (1 min.) MRSA (1 min.) Norwalk / Norovirus (1 min.) Virucidal VRE (1 min.)

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