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    Per-Fit 360° Adult Briefs

    Prevail Per-Fit 360° Briefs are a more absorbent, stretchy, and breathable version of Per-Fit Adult Briefs. We highly recommend trying this product because its affordable, absorbent, and very comfortable.  The tabs are velcro-like, so they can be refastened to get the best fit. Per-Fit 360° Adult Briefs feature AirMax, a breakthrough cloth-like fabric that works in four ways to deliver more complete protection to your skin.

    • 360° Breathable Zones: Air flows freely through panels all around, allowing skin to breathe
    • Expandex Wings: Soft, flexible stretch panels provide a secure and contoured fit
    • Doublesorb Layers: Soft, dual core system helps lock up moisture and keeps it away from skin
    • Easy-Lock Fasteners: Makes it easier to take briefs on and off (Press on tab and tug while fastening to lock in place)

    Prevail Per Fit 360 Adult Briefs Sizing

        Available Sizes

    Color Case
    Bag Count
        Size 1      26" - 48" PFNG-012 White 96 6 bags of 16
        Size 2
    45" - 62" PFNG-013 Blue 72 4 bags of 18
        Size 3 58" - 70" PFNG-014 Beige60 4 bags of 15

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