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    Prevail Per-Fit Briefs

    We highly recommend Prevail Per-Fit Briefs to our customers who are looking for a value priced, yet high performing adult brief. The high performance features of Per-Fit Breathable Briefs have made it one of the most trusted adult briefs in long-term care facilities. Color coded sizes reduces confusion makes caregivers' job easier.

    Prevail Per-Fit Breathable Adult Briefs feature Quick Wick with MaxSoft for maximum, super-quick absorbency and is super soft against the skin. Quick Wick as a part of the discreet absorbent core technology makes it possible for Per-Fit Briefs to absorb more with less bulk and effectively keep it locked away to reduce skin irritation and leaks. Odor Guard prevents odors before they even begin by reducing the total amount ammonia formed within the brief and the super absorbent polymers lock odor inside.

    Per-Fit Features

    • Quick Wick with MaxSoft
    • Odor Guard
    • Breathable Zones
    • Soft Cloth-like Outer Fabric
    • Wetness Indicator
    • Easy-Lock Fastener Strips
    • Color Coded Sizing
    • Maximum Absorbency

    Prevail Size Wise Guide

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    Prevail Per-fit Adult Briefs Sizing

    Available Sizes

    Prevail Number    Case Count   Inner Packaging
    Prevail Per-fit Medium (32"–44")    PF012
    6 bags of 16
    Prevail Per-fit Regular (40"-49")
    4 bags of 20
    Prevail Per-fit  Large (44"–58") PF013
    4 bags of 18
    Prevail Per-fit  X-Large (58"-63")
    4 bags of 15

    Per-Fit Features

    Prevail Per-fit Features

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