Prevail Super Underpads
Price: $62.00


    Prevail Premium Underpads


    Prevail Premium Underpads are high quality, super absorbent disposable underpads for moderate to heavy incontinence protection. Prevail Premium Underpads are designed for protecting beds, chairs, and other surfaces. Prevail Underpads feature the Dri-Bed technology with super absorbent polymers that reduce odor and absorb additional urine making only one pad necessary for maximum absorbency.


    Prevail Underpads are made with the Integra Mat Bonded construction that reduces layer separation and bunching of the absorbent materials. The cloth-like top sheet is soft and comfortable next to the skin and is bonded to the embossed poly backing using a flat seal so plastic edges are exposed. Prevail Fluff Underpads are latex free to reduce allergic reactions and promote skin health.


    Prevail Premium Underpads are a generous 30" x 30" to cover more of the bed with a Peach water proof backing. They are packaged 10 bags of 10 for 100 premium underpads per case.

    Prevail Fluff Underpad Features

    • Dri-Bed Underpad
    • Integra Mat
    • Bonded Construction
    • Cloth-Like Top Sheet
    • No Plastic Edges
    • Embossed Poly Backing
    • Latex Free
    • Pink Backing
    • 30" x 30" Underpad