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    4 oz Spray

    Regenecare HA Wound Gels have been shown to be effective in the management of:

    Dermatological Problems
    • Radiation reactions
    • Abrasions and skin tears
    • Burns and cuts
    • Dry and moist desquamation
    Why they work:
    • 2% Lidocaine HC l reduces pain, inflammation, breaks ""itch and scratch"" cycle
    • Medium molecular weight polysaccharides in Aloe Vera reduce inflammation, moisturize plus stimulate micro-circulation and immune factors to help heal wounds quickly
    • Marine collagen acts as humectant, natural barrier.
    • RegenecareHA contains hyaluronic acid which donates moisture to the cells, connects fibrin to build skin matrix effectively

    • Cleanse the irritated area to remove extraneous material.
    • Apply to dry, painful skin or tissue three times a day or as needed to assist in pain relief and provide a moist environment for healing.

    Non Prescription
    Contains Hyaluronic Acid, an active anti-inflammatory with powerful moisturizing properties

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