Price: $135.00


    McKesson Silent Knight Pill Crusher

    Silent Knight is the most effective available. The reason: it crushes tablets smoothly, quickly, conveniently, and quietly without disturbing patients. With its lifetime warranty, Silent Knight is the only tablet crushing system you'll ever need.

    The patented Silent Knight pouch makes all the difference. To ensure even greater efficiency, convenience, and protection, Silent Knight works with a specially designed, patented pouch. The pouch has both a curved base and opening that simplifies inserting tablets and pouring crushed medication cleanly and completely. That means no loss of costly medication.

    Because the pouch is designed specifically for Silent Knight, it is extremely strong to prevent tears, punctures, and, as a result, cross-contamination, which is vital to effective patient care. Users are cautioned against using imitator pouches, souffle cups, or automated medication dispenser packaging with Silent Knight. Comes with 50 pouches. You can order pouches here.

    Four easy steps.

    1. Place tablets into SILENT KNIGHT Pouch.

    2. Lift handle and insert pouch between the crushing plates.

    3. Press handle down firmly to crush tablets.

    4. Repeat as needed to pulverize.

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