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    Sorbalux Non-Adherent Dressings


    Sorbalux Non-Adherent Dressings provide absorbency while remaining non-adherent to sensitive wounds. The dressing is bonded on both sides by a smooth, perforated polyester film outer surface, therefore it will not disrupt tissue healing by sticking to the wound. The inner absorbent layer is made of a polyester/rayon material. Sorbalux Non-Adherent Dressings may be cut to fit various wound sizes with virtually no loose fibers. The smooth, perforated polyester film outer surface prevents the non adherent pad from sticking to the wound. Sorbalux Non-Adherent Dressing come in 3 sizes.

    Sorbalux Non-Adherent Dressings ordering information

    Product CodeSize Per Box HCPCS 
    48890000 2” x 3” 100 A6402
    48900000 3” x 4” 100 A6402
    48910000 3” x 8” 50 A6403

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