Price: $80.00


    Tena Bariatric 2XL Briefs 64/cs

    **Not Discreetly Packaged**


    Tena Bariatric 2XL Briefs provide moderate to heavy protection for urinary and/or bowel incontinence for larger individuals with a waist up to 70". Tena's advanced incontinence technology is fully integrated into the Tena Bariatric Briefs offering ultra protection and maximum absorbency.

    Maximum Absorbency Keeps Skin Dry and Healthier


    Tena Bariatric 2XL Briefs with the Tena Blue Target Absorption Zone and InstaDri Skin-Caring System provide maximum absorbency for outstanding dryness and protection against leakage. Super-absorbent polymers are strategically placed inside the Tena Bariatric Briefs' dual core to quickly wick fluid away from the body and trap it in the lower core. The dual core keeps liquid locked away from the body so that even when seated or lying down, the wearer will stay dry and comfortable plus the risk of skin irritation is reduced.

    Unlimited Adjustments Possible with Hook Closures


    Tena Bariatric Briefs have hook tabs for a truly customizable fit, and increased range of fit for larger individuals. The hook closures on Tena Bariatric Briefs offer unlimited refastening to ensure a secure, comfortable fit around the body. Tena Bariatric 2XL Briefs also have stretch sides for full breathability and air circulation that helps prevent rashes due to over heating. The soft, non-woven backsheet is quiet and crinkle-free giving the wearer a greater level of comfort and dignity.

    Tena Bariatric 2XL Brief Features

    • Target Absorption Zone
    • Maximum Absorbency
    • InstaDry Skin-Caring System
    • Dry-Fast Dual Core
    • Super Absorbent Polymers
    • Hook Tab Fasteners
    • Non-Woven Backsheet
    • Curved Elastic Leak Guards
    • Wetness Indicator
    • Latex Free
    • Moderate to Heavy Urinary/Bowel Incontinence
    • Fits 64"_ to 70"_ Waist