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    • Large 64/cs
    • X-Large 56/cs
    • XX-Large 48/cs

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    Tranquility OverNight Underwear

    The best performing disposable absorbent underwear on the market. Tranquility OverNight Underwear are high performance adult incontinence underwear that deliver superior absorbency to meet the extended use or overnight needs of heavy incontinence sufferers. They are engineered to hold over a quart of liquid without leaking. So you can sleep all night without worry.

    Tranquility OverNight Underwear feature advanced incontinence technology for superior incontinence protection and skin health. Tranquility OverNight Underwear have the Tranquility Peach Mat Construction, which is a patented composition that guarantees superior skin dryness and absorbency. The Peach mat neutralizes urine pH and inhibits bacterial and fungal growth for odor reduction and increased skin health. Kufguards are inner leg elastic cuffs that channel fluid toward the core and help prevent leg leakage. They are effective enough to contain high volume urge voids and help contain bowel incontinence. The soft, crinkle-free, cloth-like outer layer makes Tranquility OverNight Underwear comfortable and discreet. They are worn just like regular underwear but they have tear away sides for easy, convenient removal in the morning.

    Tranquility OverNight Underwear Features

    • Overnight or Extended Protection
    • Peach Mat Construction
    • Komfort Monitor
    • High Capacity Absorbent Core
    • Kufguards
    • Tear Away Sides
    • Cloth-Like Outer Layer
    • pH Neutralization
    • Odor Control
    • Latex Free

    Tranquility OverNight Underwear Sizing

    Available Sizes

    Color     Case
    X-Small     17" - 28" TRA2113 White 88 4 packs of 22
    22" - 32"
    White 80
    4 packs of 20
    Medium 34" - 48" TRA2115 White 72 4 packs of 18
    Large 44" - 54" TRA2116 White 64 4 packs of 16
    X-Large 48" - 66" TRA2117 White 56 4 packs of 14
    XX-Large 62" - 80" TRA2118 White 48 4 packs of 12

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