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McKesson Silent Knight Pill Crusher
Price: $135.00
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Item #: SK-0500-LMP -

    McKesson Silent Knight Pill CrusherSilent Knight is the most effective available. The reason: it crushes tablets smoothly, quickly, conveniently, and quietly without disturbing patients. With its lifetime warranty, Silent Knight is the only tablet crushing system you'll ever need.The patented Silent Knight pouch makes all the difference. To ensure even greater efficiency, convenience, and protection, Silent Knight works with a specially designed, patented pouch. The pouch has both a curved...

    McKesson Silent Knight Pill Crushing Pouches
    Price: $45.00
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    Item #: LMP108-PC1000 -

      McKesson/SILENT KNIGHT Crushing Pouches Designed with both a curved base and opening to guarantee the full recovery and accuracy of all medications. When used with the SILENT KNIGHT machine, the pouch effectively eliminates cross-contamination and ensures accurate medication dosage. Contains 20 bags of 50 pouches.